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About Rockel Shipping Company

Uniting you and your loved ones back home.

Rockel Shipping have been uniting Sierra Leoneans in the UK with their loved ones back home since 1991 in different forms and we are striving to improve the way we cater to customer needs with every passing day.


What we strive to do.

Our mission at Rockel Shipping Company is bring the Sierra Leoneans both in the UK and Sierra Leone together, giving them the best customer experience while doing so. Our slogan spells it out perfectly "Uniting you and your loved ones back home." We serve a repeat clientele who demand a reliable and secure service.


A brief summary of a solid history.

Rockel Shipping Company Limited was formed in September 2009. The name Rockel was taken from the river Rokel which is the largest river in Sierra Leone.

Rockel Shipping Company Limited also trading as Rockel Shipping, is a company owned by Sierra Leoneans. We have been dedicated to delivering quality, safe and reliable services to our customers. We support a number of charities in the UK and Sierra Leone who work tirelessly to raise funds to help build, restore and maintain vital and essential services and structures for families in Sierra Leone.

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July29 Jul 202410 Aug 202422 Aug 202402 Sep 2024
August26 Aug 202431 Aug 202412 Sep 202423 Sep 2024
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