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Terms and Conditions of Shipment

The Customer by placing an order for the services of Rockel Shipping Company Limited confirms their acceptance of the terms and conditions (our contract) and agrees to be bound by the Contract. Furthermore, regarding Press.

Collection Policy

  1. Rockel will make every effort to maintain appointment times this will not always be accurate.
  2. We will collect items for shipment to Freetown Sierra Leone from venues identified by yourself at an agreed fee starting from £30.00 per collection within the M25 radius. For areas outside this radius please ring 020 8595 6688
  3. If the collection address has stairs higher than 3 floors the following may apply;
    1. You may need to bring all items to the ground floor
    2. Packing may have to be done inside the van
    3. You may be charged extra.
  4. All fridge and Freezers must not be packed prior to us arriving as weight restriction may apply for health and safety lifting regulations for the staff. These will have to be packed when the fridge or freezer has been loaded empty in the van.
  5. We provide you with various sizes of card board boxes free of charge. All other types of containers used for packing your items will be at a cost if provided by Rockel Shipping Company.
  6. We assist in packing items at the collection point and offer advice where possible and necessary. Final responsibilty for the securing and checking of items before shipment lies with the customer. This includes but is not limited to taping, securing, locks for drums etc. Rockel will no be responsible for issues that arise from goods not locked, secured and protected properly.
  7. All Goods must be paid for at the time of collection including the collection charges.
  8. There is no guarantee that goods not paid for at the time of collection will be shipped on the most immediate vessel.

Delivery Policy

  1. We will clear your items through customs (Excluding any form of vehicles or whole containers).
  2. It is the duty of the customer to make arrangements with their personal agents at the destination for them to collect the shipment at Rockel Shipping Company's Freetown Office.
  3. Customer's agents in Freetown will be required to check that boxes, other containers used for shipment are sealed. They will also be required to check individual items are secured before signing to receive shipment.
  4. Any discrepancy or damage to shipment must be reported by the customer's agents to Rockel Freetown Office before signing receipt of goods. This will be recorded by Rockel Freetown Office and communicated with London Office. Complaints of missing items after collection of a sealed box, drum or other form of packaging will not be addressed by Rockel and Rockel will bear no responsibility for this.
  5. Queries on items that have been received and signed for in Freetown by customer's Freetown agents will not be addressed.


  1. Prices vary according to the size of the container used for shipment.
  2. Customers will be given the exact cost at the time of collection.
  3. Customers wishing to deliver or do their packing at the Rockel Office will be given a price at that point. Customers making telephone enquiries will be give an estimated price which will remain an estimate until the final collection/packing is complete.
  4. Customers wishing to ship vehicles are advised to ring the office for a quotation. For all vehicles apart from cars, customers are advised to measure the width, length and breadth so calculations could be made before a quotation is given.
  5. All quotations given for vehicles remain an estimate until confirmation of true size have been received from the Shipping Lines.

Payment Options

  1. Payments could be made by cash, card on the phone or cheque. Cheques to be made payable to ROCKEL SHIPPING COMPANY LIMITED
  2. All payment must be made at the time of collection (if we come to collect from your identified venue), delivery (if you deliver your items to our office or come in to the office to pack your items.
  3. Items not paid for as per item 2 will not be shipped.


  1. Freetown is classified as a high risk country therefore Rockel is unable to insure items shipped by customers to Freetown.
  2. Customers to make their own personal arrangements to take out an all risk insurance policy insurance for their goods.
  3. Items loaded in vehicles for shipment are at customers risk.

Legal Statement

All contracts of shipment are made in the UK and shall be governed by English Law in the UK. Any dispute arising out of any act or contract to which these conditions apply shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in the UK. All business transacted under our standard conditions as sated above.


  1. Rockel is a shipping company and therefore does not store goods. Goods not paid for completely and therefore not shipped within two weeks of collection by us or delivery by yourself or your agent will be disposed without any notice being given.
  2. In the event of your goods being shipped to Freetown without full payment, again you goods will be disposed of two weeks after the goods arrive in Freetown.
  3. Goods shipped to Freetown, whether paid for or not will only be stored for two weeks from the date of arrival in Freetown. After the two weeks period, your goods will be disposed with without further notice.
  4. Levy storage charges for items that are left at our warehouse for anything up to the three months as above.
  5. Dates given to customers must be regarded as Expected Time of Sailing (ETS) and Expected time of Arrival (ETA). These are dates given by the main Shipping lines and they cannot be guaranteed by them therefore Rockel cannot guarantee customers that these dates will be exact.

Rockel Direct

  1. Items must be paid for before orders and shippment is made.
  2. Time frames are estimates dependent on product vendors, shipping lines and other factors. Rockel Shipping Company Limited will do everything within our power to give you the fast possible service but cannot be held responsible for delays.
  3. Rockel Direct is product of Rockel Shipping Company Limited and as such all Terms and Conditions (above) apply to Rockel Direct transactions.
  4. The costs are for shipping and clearing only.
  5. The costs for vehicles are shipping only. Clearing for vehicles is the customers responsibility.
  6. A £20.00 administrative fee will be added to the overall shipping cost for all Rockel Direct transactions.
  7. Rockel Shipping Company has no responsibility for the quality and variation of items ordered. We will however make verey possible effort for you to have all information needed for you to make an informed decision before confirming your order.
  8. If you chose to cancel your order at any time before shippment, Rockel Shipping Company will only refund you if and when the vendor has issued a refund. Once shipped transactions are non refundable.
  9. Dates given to customers must be regarded as Expected Time of Sailing (ETS) and Expected time of Arrival (ETA). These are dates given by the main Shipping lines and they cannot be guaranteed by them therefore Rockel cannot guarantee customers that these dates will be exact.

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